The 11th Annual Holidays of Hope Ball - Sunday 13th 2020

 The 11th Annual Holidays of Hope Ball takes place between 13:00 and 18:00 SLT on Sunday, December 13th, the theme is Christmas Memories.

It's not too late to check out the

Lindens and Moles have teamed up to decorate the outside of the various Linden homes and brought them to the Expo.  Vote for your favourites by donation to the American Cancer Society kiosk in front of each home! 100% of all “votes” go directly to the American Cancer Society.

Pick up a 2020 Linden Gift Of Hope Ornament - Limited Edition with a donation of 250L.

Christmas Expo is
an Official Relay For Life of Second Life - American Cancer Society Event.


Spending Holiday Time with Family


Though the holiday season can sometimes be a bit tense and overwhelming, making an effort to arrange different configurations of time with the ones you love — and mixing it up by doing special things that don’t make their way into your daily routine as a family — will allow for bonding to happen and memories to be made. Slowing down, checking in with each other, and spending quality time as a family, extended family, or simply as a couple, are what the season is really all about.

Happy Holidays! Elora


Magicland turns 12

Magicland is a Magic Kingdom styled Theme Park for fans of Disneyland. Yesterday they celebrated their 12 year anniversary in Second life with a dance party costume contest.

Current and upcoming events at Magicland Park:

Magicland's Circus on Parade

It's a circus spectacular too big to fit in just three rings so we're turning Main Street into the Big Top!

This exciting cavalcade features exotic animals, clowns, acrobats, musicians, dancers, and even beloved characters. It's a circus celebration that is not to be missed!

6:00 am, 12:00 pm, 6:00 pm, 12:00 am

Take a ride on the Monorail, Star Tours, the Railroad, and much more.  Shop, play, or watch a live show in this magical amusement park!

You can view the schedule any time at http://www.magiclandpark.com

click here to TP


The Art Sim InterstellArt in Second Life

Recently I visited this sim, which has been dedicated to the arts & is owned by artist and curator Asmita Duranjaya.

The sim is the home of the cyber-art created by Asmita Duranjaya; it shows surreal fractal cyber-landscapes and some galleries with art-pieces for sale and pieces of Asmita's huge art-collection

The 2nd area is a landscape on level 1000, where 12 artists in residence live and contribute with their work not only to the financial welfare of the sim, but also to its artistic attraction and variety.

Also, there are three gallery buildings for the monthly changing exhibitions. Every artist in residence can show his/her work for one full month in one of the galleries and a external artist is invited to create an exhibition.

This level is also home to the Fracticularium. This is a short meditative show with particles consisting of fractals. According to always actualised new scripts they move in a permanently changing landscape also made of fractals and this process is controlled with a hud from Asmita's pc at home. The show is accompanied by ambient music and takes place from time to time.

Artist's Bio:
I paint, create, construct since my early childhood: Creating and enjoying art has always been a kind of mental oxygen for me; who has been on the island of Bali will know, what I mean. I use art in an Asian way as a daily ceremony rather than in a Western occidental way as the work of a romantic genius. Beside surrealist assemblages, mostly including alufoil, and the genres of portrait and still-life, I like to create applied art, like book covers, event posters etc. According to my liking of computer work I have more and more specialized in digital work and collage (several graphic software). I enjoy and discover all the possibilities, which the virtuality offers for artists to work in 3D and I love to create sim-wide and small 3D-installations in a conceptual way, in the moment my favorite are immersive landscapes with 3D-fractals enhanced with mesh-objects.

"I have understood immediately when entering the 3D-world of Second Life, that it could fulfil most of my needs and wishes as a person interested and involved in arts. It needs some time to become familiar with all the tools this world offers for creativity. It needs also some time to understand the rules of this world and the people, who are behind the agents of the real life person, the so called avatars. And not everybody tends to become creative in this world; there are many, who only want to chat and to overcome their loneliness or who like to perceive only what others are creating. But if you use it in an active artistic way, it can be of much interest for you and bring you lot of pleasure and satisfaction." -  Asmita Duranjaya


Did a chainsaw wielding clown give us a haircut?

Blood, guts and gore; the three greatest ingredients to a satisfying story, movie and naturally a haunted house.

Your heart is racing. Your feet are moving fast. The anticipation is killing you. You don’t know what might pop out around the next corner or who’s hiding beyond the next door.

Explorers welcome



Your Personal Interests Can Guide You to Potential Business Ideas

There's no magic here, you just have to do the basics of any start up business.

Setting up your Venue

  • Deciding on a business model - The number of opportunities available is really only limited by your imagination. I'm a firm believer that anything you want to do can be done. The trick is knowing what you want, finding what others want, figuring out a way to provide both what you want and what your targeted customer base wants and then dedication and patience.
  • Designing the performance space - See what is already out there and then think of unique things you might add to the SL experience with your venue. 

Examples of in-world enterprises run by residents:

  • Party and wedding planner
  • Pet's
  • Tattooist
  • Automotive manufacturer
  • Fashion designer
  • Custom avatar designer
  • Jewelry maker
  • Architect
  • Real estate
  • Clubs

Give yourself and your venue a clear identity and stick with it - people won't always remember the name of where they've been, but they will talk among themselves about going back to "that place that did such and such". Find yourself a unique theme/concept/idea and build outwards from that. It's not even fun sometimes due to the work you have to put into it only to find that no one comes that's where the dedication comes in.  Also, be prepared to spend more lindens that you expect to spend getting the word out about your new place.


  • Event Planning - you will need to know how to create and mange a group.
  • Marketing - You MUST advertise. Where you advertise depends on the nature of your business, but you must find the right places to promote your products. Don't be afraid to try different and multiple approaches. 
  • Event management - My advice is to find a job hosting at a venue that interests you or is of the same type of establishment you have in mind for yourself.  Work your way into managing the venue for the owner.  Pay attention to what is required to make your customers loyal enough to keep coming back.  Get an idea of just how much goes into making a venue successful enough to justify keeping the doors open.  
  • Interacting with Promoters, Agents, Managers and Talent - Tell them exactly what you expect of them, and help them into the role. And then show them, by example, how you want them to behave when your back is turned. Each person who works for/with you is an ambassador for your venue - treat them as such, with a good wage structure and a good reward package.

The very best wishes with your adventure.


Honoring our Military Veteran's in SL

Military Veteran's are very active in SL, and I recently had the honor of meeting and talking with a Staff Sergeant who visited our memorial gardens.

He found us by searching, and as it turned out the conversation was very interesting. Staff Sergeant is a 100% disabled combat veteran who's vehicle was hit by an IED. He is looking to connect with other veterans here in SL. It was a real honor to meet him and hear some of his stories. 

Serenity Gardens Memorial is open to anyone who would like to honor someone special to them. We have special memorial areas for pets, children, adults, and veterans. My SL partner and myself both have experienced the loss of our "RL" spouses, so we decided to create Serenity Gardens to honor our memories, but also to help others honor their memories in SL. We are also working on a support network that will be based in our Reflection Chapel. Our goal is to provide connections and resources for others who may be grieving through SL.

If you know a veteran, or have lost a veteran that you would like to honor, please stop by the Veteran's Memorial in Serenity Gardens.

Click here to visit Serenity Gardens Memorial


Rock Your Rack 2020

Rock Your Rack 2020 the annual fund-raiser runs NOW through October 18th – come and support this very worthy cause! 

Breast cancer is one of the leading health crises for women. 1 in 8 women, and an every increasing percentage of men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. There is currently no known cure for breast cancer, and its early diagnosis is critical to survival.

As with previous years, supporting designers have been asked to provide a limited edition item, of which 100% of all proceeds of sales go towards Rock Your Rack. 

I HOPE to see you there!


Serenity Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Serenity Memorial Gardens Cemetery was created with your loved ones in mind. Although SL is a place for fun tragedy strikes at times and we wanted to created a place to memorialize those that have passed. This is also a place for people to chat with others that have experienced similar hardship, here is our video.


SL Renaissance Festival

With so much to do and see the SL Renaissance Festival is sure to be the biggest virtual event of fall. Joust tournaments, daily live musical entertainment, role play educational classes and so much more.

TP to the event 

September 25th to October 4th 2020

The SL Renaissance Festival Strides Benefactor Program provides an opportunity to anyone who wishes to make a higher level donation (L$5,000, L$10,000, L$15,000, L$20,000) to the SL Renaissance Festival and support Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.  You need not be a Festival sponsor, merchant or creator, although you certainly can be. You do not have to be part of the medieval community. The one requirement is that you do want to help fight breast cancer !