Italian Village of Ciampi, Italy

Ciampi is a countryside Italian village located within the western extent of Heterocera. Once inside, enjoy the peaceful scenery and romantic feel of the village.

Throughout the winding alleys and cobbled streets, visitors can discover the village's small fishing harbor of Porto Nuovo. where there's a harbor view point, a small beach and a rez zone for rezzing boats. It also contains some shops and a bar.

Ciampi is a place where time stops and where I feel joy. Spanning a number of sims, it's stunning in artistry and realism. Viggen, the owner, has been expanding the place, and has added rezzable horses and riding trails along with a buggy tour. If you get a chance to chat, Viggen is always at the sim and loves to meet everyone, so be sure to say hello.

The village is built around the Ciampi Church. There is a graveyard on the east side of the church that holds some memorial graves for residents who have passed.

Many villas are available to rent and offer guest a stunning view of the surrounding area. Visitors can explore beautiful landscapes and wineries that provide the wine for the annual wine festival at the end of September.

Enjoy a relaxing and quiet environment in Italy. You will enjoy a rest at the pond, playing chess or drinking a glass of Chianti with your friends.

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