Carmel Summer Art Fair

The kick off party for The Summer Art Fair starts today June 29th and runs through July 16th. Their gallery and art museum is open to everyone.

The Carmel Arts & Crafts Gallery, Historic Museum and downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea are located on a very well done sim. They also have a Carmel Wedding Chapel available for renting. Public beach, Windsurfing. Speedboating, Swimming. 7 shops. LIVE performances and 5 Artists in Residence.

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The Carmel Art Community is designed for and devoted to Artists and Art Lovers. They hold weekly DJ events and offer activities such as tarot card reader, Reiki Healer, hairdresser, massage therapist, sailing lessons, windsurfing lessons, etc.

Look out for new exhibits coming in July and August.

Stop by The Carmel Cafe for muffins/coffee and engage in friendly art conversations.

Hop on over and explore the wonderful art of Robert McFarren, Johannes Huntsman, Tempest Kultivate, Michiel Biecher, KismaKSR, CybeleMoon, Seiko Blessing, Inara Pey, Micki Blessing, Bliss Enchantment, LIV, Dhyezi Ravenhurst, Kody Meyers,  SH Tutti, Anouk Lefauer and many more.

For more about arts in Second Life and the virtual landscape follow Kultivate Magazine.

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